Grant Development

The Grant Development team facilitates the development and submission of federal, state and local grant proposals. This office works closely with the OTC Foundation and Finance department to pursue and secure external funding that continue to meet the growing needs of the OTC system. Any department in need of assistance may complete the Grant Inquiry Form or email

6.08 – Solicitation and Approval of Gifts and Grants to District

The College district welcomes financial support from the state and federal governments, from businesses, clubs and organizations, and individuals. All requests for such support shall be administered by the Chancellor or designated representative. No other faculty or staff member or student is authorized to solicit funds or to accept gifts for the district except with the prior approval of the Chancellor or designated representative. The Board of Trustees shall reserve the right to accept or reject all gifts or grants for the district.

All solicitations of funds from students, staff, or faculty for purposes other than College activities shall be prohibited except with the express approval of the Chancellor or the Board of Trustees.