Services Provided

The Grant Development team facilitates the development and submission of federal, state and local grant proposals. This office works closely with the OTC Foundation and Finance department to pursue and secure external funding that continue to meet the growing needs of the OTC system. Any department in need of assistance may complete the Grant Inquiry Form.

While the Grant Development team is here to assist you, the level of support provided will vary based on the proposed project. Writing grants is a team effort, and you and your team’s expertise will be needed throughout the process. The following provides details about services we offer. 

6.08 – Solicitation and Approval of Gifts and Grants to District

The College district welcomes financial support from the state and federal governments, from businesses, clubs and organizations, and individuals. All requests for such support shall be administered by the Chancellor or designated representative. No other faculty or staff member or student is authorized to solicit funds or to accept gifts for the district except with the prior approval of the Chancellor or designated representative. The Board of Trustees shall reserve the right to accept or reject all gifts or grants for the district.

All solicitations of funds from students, staff, or faculty for purposes other than College activities shall be prohibited except with the express approval of the Chancellor or the Board of Trustees.

While we continuously seek funds that align with the mission and vision of the college, we are happy to meet with members of your department to help you find grants. When we do find a grant that we believe meets the needs of the institution, we actively alert appropriate departments to discuss the opportunity and determine if it aligns with our priorities.

Grants are not “one-size-fits-all.” Our job is to make sure the college pursues grants that are for the betterment of the institution, department and students. While it can be difficult to walk away from a possibility, each opportunity must be assessed to ensure the project and the grant opportunity align. It’s tempting to mold a project into the grant’s guidelines, but it’s also important to remember that each commitment made in the grant proposal will have to be carried out if the grant is received. Our office works closely with the Finance department and other entities around the college to ensure we are capable of meeting the requirements outlined in a grant prior to submission.

Once the determination to pursue a grant is made, the Grant Development team will ensure all necessary parties are involved in the proposal development process. For instance, one grant may need members from the English department, student services and finance. Many federal grants include partnerships with other organizations ranging from higher education institutions to economic development entities. Our team facilitates meetings, schedules and deadlines and delegates responsibilities to the appropriate members of the grant team.

Many grants will ask for letters of support and commitment. While members of the team may be asked to seek out contacts in their subject matter areas, our team can provide templates and guidelines. Most often, our team contacts the necessary support and communicates the needs of the project.

Building relationships with granting agencies and program officers is an important element of securing funds. Some grants we seek through the OTC Foundation are submitted to private foundations that do not take unsolicited proposals. In order to gain an invitation, contact is often the first step. Our office reaches out to these agencies to develop relationships that hopefully open doors for submissions.

In addition, most grant opportunities have a contact person listed. Reaching out to this person with questions in a knowledgeable and organized manner is important to gaining clarity on sometimes vague requirements. By being the contact person, we ensure duplicate questions or requests are avoided.

The Grant Development team realizes not all members of the OTC team are familiar with the grant writing process. While we firmly believe you are the subject matter expert and can provide the best information for the project, we are skilled at understanding how to present compelling information in a proposal. You will be asked to provide content for sections of the grant. Those sections can be provided in a bulleted list and written into paragraph text by our team. You will not be asked to write sections that do not pertain to your area of the grant, and we are always here to help in this process.

Our team is responsible for ensuring proposals meet all necessary guidelines. For those who choose to write the grant in full, we are here to edit the grant and ensure all pieces are included. All grants are vetted through the Finance office before submission. This step ensures the budget is aligned with the proposal and meets the standards of OTC.

Grants are developed through a planned approval and review process to ensure the grant being pursued aligns with the institution’s mission and vision and meets the strategic planning initiatives. In addition, the Research, Strategic Planning and Grant Development office works closely with the Finance unit to ensure financial requirements and requests are allowable and in line with OTC policies and procedures. This office reviews final budgets to ensure accuracy in grant submissions as well. Please see the Grant Development Process page if you would like to seek a grant.

The Grant Development team is responsible for the final submission of grants. This step ensures all required forms are included and completed accurately. Some grants will request fiscal reports, 501(c)3 status and/or indirect cost rate agreements. Our team is knowledgeable about these processes and can ensure these requirements are met.