What is the Office Strategic Planning and Grants Development?

The Office of Strategic Planning and Grant Development is responsible for assisting faculty, staff and administrators in seeking external funding to support programs that provide services for the college community and students. This department coordinates grant efforts, seeks funding for special projects and communicates with external stakeholders to develop and participate in grant partnerships.

I have an idea for a grant. What do I do?

Step 1: Gain approval from your Dean/Vice-Chancellor.

Step 2: After gaining approval from your Dean/Vice-Chancellor, contact the Office of Strategic Planning and Grant Development. You can also complete the Grant Inquiry form.

Step 3: The Office of Strategic Planning and Grant Development will research potential grant opportunities that align with your project.

Step 4: Begin planning out the essential aspects of your project such as the project’s description, budget, supervisory personnel, team members and sustainability after the grant funding has been expended.

Why do I need to contact the Office of Strategic Planning and Grant Development prior to pursuing a grant opportunity?

Reason 1 – Following the designated process ensures that multiple departments do not ask the same funders for support. Some agencies will only fund one project per organization. Contacting our office will avoid duplication and save valuable time.

Reason 2 – The process ensures that you have the help you need to identify resources and get assistance. Also, the staff at the OTC Foundation may have connections to the corporation or foundation that you are applying to and can contact them on your behalf.

Reason 3 – The Office of Strategic Planning and Grant Development has information and support documents that most grants require.

Reason 4 – Your grant proposal may contain information that will help the college identify other potential funders for your project.

Reason 5 – Our office is guided by the college’s mission, vision, core values and strategic plan. When we review grant possibilities, we consider alignment with the above elements, benefit to the students, viability of the project, sustainability of the project beyond grant funding and the needs of the communities we serve.

Reason 6 – It is required. You are representing the college. Please refer to OTC Policy 6.08 for more information.

My department, or myself, has been asked to partner on a grant and/or provide a letter of commitment for another agency's grant. Do I need to contact the Office of Research, Strategic Planning and Grant Development?

Yes. If an outside agency seeks your involvement or support on a grant, we ask you to email our office directly, so we may advise you regarding the next steps.

How long does the process take once I have completed the Grants Inquiry form?

Several factors influence how long the grant process takes, including the type of grant being pursued.

The best advice we can give is to start early. The more you know about your project and the more we know about your project, the easier the process will be.

In addition, some grant applications require a two-part process, beginning with a letter of inquiry or concept paper. Some, especially Federal Grants, give a small window of time to complete a grant opportunity.

Remember, we can help you navigate this process and determine the best course of action.

Didn't find the question you have?

Contact us at 417-447-8162 or through email at grants@otc.edu. We look forward to assisting you.